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All That Never Was (Novel in Progress)

Genre: Adult speculative fiction, Estimated length: 100,000 words

They come from different worlds. She, the daughter of wealthy Cexean immigrant parents; he, a Rioffan man from the ‘rages. Yet somehow, amidst distrust and disparity, Raelyn Song and Desmond Lewis found each other. Now the nation of Eurika is in the grip of a second Auto Revolution, humans once again losing jobs to artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technologies. With family members on opposite sides of unfolding protests, Raelyn and Desmond wonder if they truly have a future together.  

One morning, Raelyn wakes in an empty bed. The sheets are a different color and there are leftovers in the fridge she doesn’t remember ordering. At work, her boss is friendlier and makes her lead writer on the protest stories, an assignment she was denied the day before. She doesn’t think anything of these discrepancies until she comes home to find a stranger in her kitchen: a Cexean-Eurikan man by the name of Heming who claims to be her fiancé. When Raelyn doesn't recognize him, her friends and family believe she's experiencing temporary amnesia and surrogate false memories due to recent trauma.  But Raelyn is convinced she's somehow landed in a parallel reality where she and Desmond never met, where she never left Orrick, and she doesn’t have a tense relationship with her parents. As she pieces together the ways her memories and current reality diverge, Raelyn stumbles upon a strange pattern of events she can’t make sense out of.  

Written in the vein of The Best of All Possible Worlds, Maybe in Another Life, and An Ocean of Minutes, All That Never Was is an exploration of the memories we share and who we share them with, what it means to be a world apart, and what it takes to bridge parallel realities.