AiF Discord Community


Advocacy in Fiction (AiF) Discord Community

A chat server for writers dedicated to the poetics and politics of their prose

What is the AiF Discord Community?

If you haven't heard of the Discord app, it is a chat application originally designed for gamers but equally effective for creating other communities. It is available in both desktop and mobile format for Mac and PC. I have decided to create a Discord server for writers who vibe with Advocacy in Fiction's mission statement and are concerned with many of the same questions I am currently struggling with and trying to work out through this intrepid journey. If you are looking for a community of writers dedicated to both the poetics and politics of their prose, sign up here for FREE! 

What you can expect from the AiF Discord Community:

  • Connect with fellow writers who share your concerns and a supportive group of passionate creatives
  • Find critique partners and beta readers
  • Ask sensitivity questions to a diverse group of individuals
  • Poll and split test potential cover designs or other ideas within an existing supportive community
  • Participate in or host write-ins through the write-in voice channel
  • Participate in monthly writing workshops where you can submit work and gain feedback from other participants
  • Gain a default marketing team within this community, filled with other writers who have got your back
  • Get notified of calls for submissions in literary magazines and other publication opportunities 

And perhaps most importantly, the AiF Discord community seeks to let you enjoy the virtual company of others amid the isolating and daunting task of writing a novel! I look forward to talking with, working with, and at times, commiserating with you all! See you in the Discord <3

How do I join the AiF Discord Community?

If the AiF Discord sounds like something you would like to be a part of, follow these simple steps:

  1.  Download the Discord app for desktop and/or mobile phone 
  2. Subscribe to the Advocacy in Fiction email list 
  3. Once you've done that, you will receive an email with a link inviting you to the AiF Discord server
  4. Log into Discord and click on the AiF server. You should be greeted with a message in the welcome channel, which will briefly explain how the discord server works and what you can expect from it. 
  5. As a recipient of the invite link, you will automatically be assigned the role of writer and be able to participate in all the channels. Introduce yourself and feel free to start exploring. Enjoy your time in the AiF Discord! Happy writing!