Meet Alika Guan


Alika Guan is a cultural anthropologist who also dabbles in fiction. While most of her professional and academic life has been dedicated to writing non-fiction and ethnography, Alika's fiction tries to capture moments that her anthropological work cannot, including themes of resistance, identity, and the rupture of cultural norms within speculative or science fiction contexts.

As an avid reader herself, she believes vehemently in the power of literature to foster empathy and change lives. Her work as an anthropologist has only confirmed this belief as she researched the way art reproduces or challenges social norms and boundaries. She founded Advocacy in Fiction, an online community and conglomerate of resources for authors aspiring to address harsh lived realities through the creation of fictional worlds, in order to push herself to use her passion (writing) to positively impact society and encourage others to do the same.

When she is not researching the humans, writing the words, or teaching the kids, she is drinking the pourover coffee and attempting to teach the dog to stop unraveling the toilet paper roll (with little success). Ever the bibliophile, Alika is happiest when she is reading. She reverently admires the works of Jhumpa Lahiri, Ruth Ozeki, Charlie Jane Anders, Kazuo Ishiguro, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, David Mitchell, Margaret Atwood, Octavia Butler, and N.K. Jemisin.